Gas Fired / Electric Furnace

  • Electric / Gas Heating spurce can be adopted for box type furnace with heavy constructed structure.
  • It is designed in two type of heating elements - vertical and horizontal.
  • KANTHAL heating elements are provided in crucible holding furnace.
  • This type of furnace is used in pressure die & gravity die casting foundry.
  • These furnaces are used to hold and maintain the molten metal at specific temperature inside the crucible.
  • Crucible type holding furnace with top insert heating element.
  • Specially designed heaters & high insulated long refractory life.
  • Dip type thermocouple. Specially designed GDC & PDC process.
  • Energy efficient design gives only 0.28 Kw/Kg of molten metal.
  • Heating element terminals are taken out from top of furnace.
  • Heating elements are easily replaceable from top.
  • No need to remove the crucible from the furnace.
  • Easy maintenance.

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