Electric Furnace

  • Design based on Thermas technology. This technology imported from Germany.
  • Crucible less furnace highly energy efficient. Requires very low Kw power as compared to regular holding furnace
  • Used German make refractory tub for holding application of aluminum molten metal.
  • This type of furnace is used in pressure die & gravity die casting foundry.
  • Specially designed tub made up from imported non wetting type refractory material.
  • Specially designed, easy to replace heating elements. Suitable to pressure and gravity die casting foundry units.
  • Special high temp, tubular heaters are imported from USA.
  • Three chambers are provided - Pouring, Holding and Scooping.
  • Metal level sensor is provided to indicate shortage of molten metal in the furnace and it is interfaced with hooter.

Model Capacity Power
AFECO-EL-300 300 Kg. 3 KW
AFECO-EL-500 500 Kg. 6 KW
AFECO-EL-800 800 Kg. 9 KW
AFECO-EL-1000 800 Kg. 9 KW

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