Ladle Pre-Heater

  • It is designed either in gas fired heating or electrical heating source.
  • For gas heating we use Eclipse combustion system and for electrical heating we use KANTHAL heating elements.
  • Ladle Preheater is generally used for removing the moisture from the ladle to avoid formation of gas / reaction in the liquid metal.
  • It is designed in both vertical and horizantal type depending on the size and capacity of the ladle. Automatic temperature control panel is provided.
  • A vertical ladle preheater is designed to fire from top towards down direction. Preheater will be on the pivot to rotate the cowl 360°.
  • The cowl will be lined with refractory to increase the flue traveling time. A horizontal ladle preheater is designed to fire horizontally.
  • Ladle will be positioned opposite to the flame direction with a minimum gap between the burner and the burner firing will be focused on the side walls of the ladle.
  • In ladle preheaters, the flame will be positioned in such a way to slide on the ladle side wall to ensure the faster heat penetration.

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