Aluminium Liquid Metal Holding Furnace

"AFECO" Has developed Crucible less "Aluminium Liquid Metal Holding Furnace" with High Energy Efficiency. It is Based on "THERM - FLASK" Technology received from German Company. Called "AL-THERMAS" ONLY 12 Kw Power is required to maintain Aluminium Metal temperature in Aluminium Pressure Die casting Foundry Industries. You Can see when the temperature inside the furnace is 800 Degree centigrade the Outside skin temperature will be only 45 Degree centigrade. This is German engineering with High Energy efficiency. For Indian Design Furnace the power required is more than 100 kw for 1 MT. Capacity furnace. AFECO Engineers Designs the furnace with GERMAN TECHNOLOGY

Furnace Model Max Capacity Dip well Opening Outside Daimension(cm) Metal Depth(cm) Power(kw)
AFECO-ALT-300 300 30X30 L 157 X W 127 38X 12 6
AFECO-ALT-500 500 49X54 L 157 X W 127 38X 12 9
AFECO-ALT-800 800 49X54 L 157 X W 127 46X 12 12
AFECO-ALT-1000 800 49X54 L 157 X W 127 46X 12 15

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