Gas Fired / Electric Treatment Furnace / Car Bottom Furnace / Bogie Hearth Furnace, Quenching furnace.

  • The furnace is available in bogie hearth heavy structure and has the variable capacity with indirect fired furnace.
  • We offer customization facility to the customers and fabricate the furnace as per client's requirement.
  • Car bottom type Heat Treatment Furnace Quenching Arrangement and with automatic manipulator can also be provided.
  • This furnace can be used for Annealing / Normalising heat treatment process.
  • Temperature can be achieved up to 1200° C
  • Gas fired furnaces employ either direct gas firing or radiant
  • Combustions systems are factory prepiped to meet latest industrial standards
  • Gas Fired furnaces can reach the temperature up to 1300°C
  • Gas fired car bottom furnaces feature high velocity multi-zone burners
  • The car bottom makes these furnaces extremely easy to load and to unload the charge
  • Fully automatic Gas fired Eclipse make Combustion system with Gas train and Ratio regulator valves are provided with Air circulation fan arrangements

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