Aluminium Scrap Recycling Process Plant

Aluminium Scrap Recycling Process Plant

Afeco Heating system has a collaboration with Czech Republic company name STINCHCOMBE FURNACES GROUP Ostrava. Which is world leader in manufacturing of Aluminium Scrap Recycling Melting. Furnaces with electromagnetic aluminium molten metal stirring system named TSIT (Twin Stream Induction Technology).

TSIT is a solution for the scrap recycling plant owners and foundry owners who want to equipped there existing furnaces with an Induction Stirring of Aluminium Metal. The TSIT is a module that can be Installed to almost all type of chamber furnaces. It will help to reduce melt loss and fuel consumption during aluminium melting process. TSIT system can also be useful for molten metal homogeneity and Molten metal temperature uniformity the video itself describes the details of TSIT system.

TECHNICAL Frequently Asked Questions for “Aluminium Scrap Recycling”

The minimum plant capacity should be 300MT per month. This capacity or more is necessary to make the plant and investment viable with Modern technology for Highest Metal Recovery.

For Traditional scrap melting technology which is not economically viable in terms of fuel consumption and Melt recovery

Please refer the Aluminium Scrap Recycling Plant Layout Aluminium Chip/Scrap Recycling Process Plant India | AFECO Heating System

The Melting Furnace and Process technology to be used, the furnace design depends upon the type of scrap that we intend to recycle.

The list of products that can be manufactured by recycling of aluminium scrap are Alloy Ingots, Conductor Wires, Extrusion Billets and all types of GDC, PDC, LPDC Casting components.

The plant’s manufacturing /Melting capacity should be decided by considering the following parameters –

  • Technology that we plan to install?
  • Financial Investment Capacity?
  • Land Building Area availability?
  • Aluminium scrap purchase capacity?

There are other factors involved as well, but the above mentioned four are the major parameters.

The plant layout shown Chip_Recycling_brochure+ ( is the General Process Layout. All the machinery required if we wish to melt UBC as a Scrap.

We can also provide customized Manufacturing layout according to the scrap that you intend to recycle.

ll equipment’s and machines can be customized according to your required capacity. Including melting furnace.

Scrap Type % Melt Loss
(No De-coating+ No Vortex)
Melt Loss
(with Vortex Melting + De-coating)
Used Beverage Cans (UBC) Minimum 20%-25% Less than 5-6%
Metal recovery 75%-80% 94%
ROI More than 7 Years Less than 3 Years

There are various types of melting furnaces – Skelner, Rotary, Side well Chamber etc. It is very important to choose the right furnace for the aluminium scrap that we would process. Hence furnace economy is higher when we use right furnace for the right type of scrap melting process.

UBC is Used Beverage Cans, It is the cheap Aluminium Scrap Available in the Market with Abundant scrap availability.

Sr. No. Method of Recycling Overall Recovery (UBC)
1 Direct Charge into Typical Reverbatory Furnace 70-80%
2 Direct Charge into Rotary Salt Furnace 75-83%
3 Shred, De coat & Charge into Side well Furnace with Vortex metal circulation Systems or Pump 95-96%

Oxidation losses Minimized

Yes. The whole system can be fully automized in a way suitable for Industry V4.0.

For the minimum production capacity (300 MT/Month) a working area (shed) of 40m x 80m is required.+ Open space for Container movement.

The ROI for 300 MT/month capacity plant is 24 – 30 months.

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