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"For Aluminium Melting & Holding Process, there are two types of basic heat source used throughout the world,” Prakash Maladkar, Managing Director of AFECO
Heat Treatment : Challenges & Solutions In The Aluminium Industry

Furnace Dispatch

Aluminium Melting & Tilting Furnace to Dubai based Company
  • Successfully Dispatched AFECO make 300 kg ALUMINIUM MELTING & TILTING FURNACE to Dubai based Company. Electrical Energy Efficient Aluminium Melting Furnace which reduces the power consumption in comparison to the existing conventional melting furnaces.

Dispatched 3 Container Furnace Material for Export to Czech Republic Via Germany Hamburg Port.
  • "AFECO" Heating Systems Kolhapur Proudly announce that We have dispatches today 3 Container Furnace Material for Export to Czech Republic Via Germany Hamburg Port. In this Pandamic scenario AFECO team members succeed to Manufacture International Quality Furnace product. Which is used in ALUMINIUM Scrap Recycling Application. Thank you very much for AFECO all team members and Thanks for IDBI Bank, Kolhapur for giving timely financial support for export order.

High Quality AFECO OVEN Dispatched
  • GREAT Quality Products AFECO Furnace The 3rd consecutive High Quality AFECO product OVEN dispatched today from our Manufacturing Plant to our prestigious customer..... All three consecutive dispatches are being manufactured by AFECO team members after Covid -19 Lockdown period. Within 45 working days and after stringently following All Covid-19 Rules and regulations set by Government we succeed to deliver the products within time frame.

"AFECO" Furnace Dispatched
  • High Quality "AFECO" Furnace dispatched, PIT Type For Hardening process. For 1200 degree centigrade temperature... with SCADA control Automation with Process control PLC/PID... compatible for Industry V 4.0 Process data acquisition and monitoring system Inbuilt.

"AFECO" Make Heat Treatment plant Hardening Furnace and Tempering Furnace
  • Yet another "AFECO" Make Heat Treatment plant Hardening Furnace and Tempering Furnace dispatched today. Our prestigious customer are extremely satisfy with Highest quality of our AFECO make furnaces. Repet orders are receiving from our existing customers. I am very much thankful for our dedicated engineers and team members who are working hard to maintain AFECO higest Quality standards.
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Afeco make Drop Quench Furnace for Aluminium Casting T4/T5/T6 Heat Treatment
  • Afeco make Drop Quench Furnace for Aluminium Casting T4/T5/T6 Heat Treatment process Along with Quenching Tank below the furnace & 10 second Rapid quenching automation control systems installed at customers premises. Also Aging Furnace. It is a Complete Heat Treatment plant for Aluminium Die Casting Industries. "AFECO" Products are known for High Quality and Reliability in Aluminium Industries.

Afeco Heat Tretament Furnace Dispatching to UAE
  • Once again AFECO products have been accepted by UAE base company. Great products with High Quality.

A huge 10MT capacity Manipulator has been designed
  • A huge 10MT capacity Manipulator has been designed, Manufactured by AFECO team and successfully Export delivered at Saudi Arabia...

Mile stone In Furnace Manufacturing Industries
  • AFECO Heating Systems Created another Mile stone In Furnace Manufacturing Industries by Manufacturing Length - 16 Mtr. x Width - 2Mtr and Height -2mtr. Chamber size Continuous Heat treatment furnace with output 3000kg per hour. A High quality and Energy efficient Furnace from AFECO..once again.

Awards & Exhibition

BEE Awards

G.S. Parkhe Award MCCIA

CII Awards

Mumbai Exhibition

IFEX Exhibition April - 2022

Central Power Ministry and BEE Award for FURNACE Energy Efficiency
  • It is imminent pleasure to Inform All my well wishes friends and AFECO TEAM members that AFECO Make "AL-THERMOS" Has received an Award From "Central Power Ministry and BEE"
  • Mr. Prakash Maladkar and Miss. Shivranjani had attended this function on 14th Dec. 2022 At VIGYAN Bhavan New Delhi. It is pleasure to work in FURNACE Energy Efficiency sector. It is recognized by Central Power Ministry and BEE as well and Awarded with Certificate and trophy and "BEE EMBLEM". With the gracefully hands from Central Govt. POWER Ministry department and it is a Proud movement for TEAM AFECO.
  • Highest Energy saving "Rashtriya Urja Puraskar" in presence of President of India.

Industrial meet at Saint Gajanan Maharaj Shegaon Engineering College.
  • Saint Gajanan Maharaj Shegaon Engineering Colleage Shegaon, Industrial meet Feb 2020 150 nos. Enterprenuers gathered together to exchange the business ideas and work experience. Mr. Prakash Maladkar had been selected to Sign MOU with Engineering college. In front of Engineers meet body for the best Idea of Transporting Aluminium liquid metal through Aluminium Scrap Recycling to the Foundry Industries through franchise development. Decided to gather every year at Aurangabad.

Aluminium Scrap Recycling Technology in Pune
  • Delivering Presentation on "Aluminium Scrap Recycling" Technology in Pune. It is the Bright future Business opportunity for Start Up Industries.

Letter from Kolhapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries
  • Received letter from Kolhapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries regarding appointing Mr. Prakash Maladkar as a "Invitee Director"

Visit of Business Partner and Collaborator Of Stinchcombe Furnace S.R.O. Czech Republic.
  • A Grand Welcome at AFECO Manufacturing Plant Gokulshirgaon Kolhapur. To My Business Partner and Collaborator Of Stinchcombe Furnace S.r.o. Czech Republic. MR.Jaromir Bocek Managing Director. Also FROM UAE based Aluminium Company MR. AHEMED Chairman Mr.Alla Shamout Managing Director Mr.Basahama Metalluurgist Mr.Muneer Marketing Director For Works visit and discussed about Aluminium Melting Furnace and Heat Treatment furnace requirement . Apriceated all AFECO Quality products. After Inspection. Thanks to our all AFECO Team members who are striving to delivery a Quality products with AFECO Brand.

Delegates from Saudi Aluminium, Damascus visit to Afeco
  • Mr. Ahemad Chairman From A Saudi Aluminium, Damascus, has been welcome and greeted by AFECO Heating And Automation , Kolhapur Airport. And the business meeting is conducted with Deligation members at Hotel Sayaji Kolhapur and at Gokulshirgaon MIDC at AFECO works, and to see the Furnace manufacturing Facility.

China Die Casting Exhibition Attained with Alucast Delegate, Pune
  • China Die Casting Exhibition attained with Alucast delegate from Pune.The new Aluminium Die casting Technology developed by Chines Company are superb. Industry V 4.0 has already started Implimenting in China by the Manufacturing Industries in Aluminium. We are still considering "JUGAD" Technology like Coal fired furnace and Oil fired furnace for melting Aluminium. In China totally ban on to use furnace oil and coal for furnace. China is 20 years Ahed in All Industrial production and especially ALUMINIUM Die casting.

AFECO STINCHCOMBE Recycling Technology Participation at Alucast 2018 Exhibition in Delhi

Heat Treat Show Mumbai Oct 2016

AMS Conferance

Foundry Seminar Pune

IFEX - 2014

IFEX - 2013

Aluminum India - 2013