Heat Treatment Furnace Manufacturers In India.

Heat Treatment Furnaces

Bogie Hearth / Car Bottom Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • The furnace is available in Bogie Hearth / Car Bottom Heavy Structure and has variable capacities with Indirect Fired Furnace.
  • We offer Flexible customization facility to the customers and fabricate the furnace as per client's requirement.
  • Car bottom / Bogie Hearth Type Heat Treatment Furnace having Quenching Arrangement with Automatic Rapid Quenching Manipulator can also be manufactured
  • This furnace can be used for Annealing / Normalising / Hardening Heat Treatment processes.
  • Temperature can be achieved up to 1200° C with Efficient Electrical heating.
  • Gas fired furnaces employ either Direct Gas Firing or Radiant Heating (Indirect).
  • Combustion systems are factory prepared to meet latest Industrial standards.
  • Gas Fired furnaces can reach the temperature up to 1300°C.
  • Gas fired Car bottom / Bogie Hearth furnaces feature High Velocity Multi-Zone Burners.
  • The Car bottom / Bogie Hearth makes these furnaces extremely easy to load and to unload the charge.
  • Fully automatic high quality & reliable Gas fired Combustion system with Gas train and Ratio regulator valves are provided with Air circulation fan arrangements for better temperature uniformity.
Box Type Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Electric / Gas Heating source can be adopted for Box Type Furnace.
  • This furnace is used for Hardening and Quenching application with Automatic Rapid Quenching Manipulator.
  • The furnace is best suited for Different Industrial Metal Heat Treatment.
  • Box Type Furnace is also used for Tempering Heat Treatment Process.
  • These durable and high performance furnaces are managed by Electricity / Oil / Gas.
  • Our range of furnaces has an Extractable Loading Plate which is used for loading and unloading of the furnace.
  • We offer a High Performance & highly Electrical Energy Efficient range of furnaces which are precisely Engineered by our team of expert Engineering professionals. The range is also customized as per client's requirement.
Pit Type Controlled Atmosphere Furnace
  • Source of heating can either be Electrical or Gas.
  • These type of furnaces are generally used for Controlled Atmosphere Heat Treatment Processes like Carburizing, Annealing, etc..
  • It consists of an Automatically Controlled Air Circulation Fan of S.S. 310 which maintains Temperature Uniformity within +/- 5°C.
  • The Pit Type Furnace has a Hydraulic Operated Door and the door is completely insulated with Ceramic Fibre Blankets to minimize the heat losses