Aluminium Melting Furnace Manufacturers in India

Aluminium Melting Furnace

Crucible type Melting & Tilting Furnace –
  • A newly developed construction in comparison to the conventional Crucible Type Melting Furnace.
  • Easy to Replace Heating Elements without the need to remove the Crucible.
  • Rigid & Reliable Construction of the Base Frame Structure.
  • A suitable capacity Hydraulic Power Pack for smooth Tilting movement of the furnace.
  • Energy Efficient Melting process with low Power Consumption in comparison with the existing equipments.
Skelner Type Aluminium Melting Furnace – (GAS OR OIL FIRED)
  • Rapid & continuous Aluminium melting is possible in the Skelner type melting furnace.
  • Aluminium metal melts instantaneously with complete independent of melting and holding chambers available.
  • Automatic charging unit can easily be attached with this furnace.
  • Skelner type furnaces reduce energy consumption required for Melting and Holding application.
  • High quality refractory insulation used which reduces the heat losses.
  • PLC controlled system makes the operation very user friendly.
  • Automatic combustion & temp, controlling of gas fired burner systems are incorporated.