Drop quench Solutionizing Furnaces Manufacturers in India

Drop quench Solutionizing Furnaces

Solutionizing Furnaces / Drop Bottom Quenching Furnaces
  • Drop Bottom furnace with a Water Quenching Tank for Solution Hardening Process.
  • Ageing Furnace used for further Heat Treatment Process after Water Quenching.
  • Both the Furnaces together deliver a huge volume and reliable production in continuous operation.
  • These high-technology units provide consistent quality throughout the process with predictable & repetitive results. In addition, both furnaces perform a wide variety of metallurgical processes.
  • Such as solution treating, specialized quenching and aging. T-4, T-5 & T-6 Heat treatment process.
  • Thyristorized and PLC controlled furnaces, all mechanisms made easy with hydraulic loading & unloading charging basket system & PID based to suit specific process requirement.
  • Hot charge quenching is possible with less than 15 seconds.
  • SS 304 grade basket/ baffle wall and air circulation fan is provided which will maintain Temperature Uniformity with +/- 5°C throughout the working area.