Ladle Pre-heaters Manufacturers In India

Ladle Pre-heaters

Electrical Ladle Preheater
  • Reduction in Operational Cost up-to 80% as compared to the fossil fuels (Oil, Diesel, PNG, LPG) fired Ladle Pre-Heaters.
  • A 'Zero Carbon Product' - No production of carbon emissions derived from the product.
  • It can be customized for any capacity ladle.
  • Easy to replace bundle rod heating elements
  • Simple in construction as the combustion system is eliminated. Least maintenance
  • Improved temperature uniformity eventually improving life of ladle lining.
  • The Ladle Preheater is electrically powered. Hence there are minimum chances of any hazardous accidents during operation.
  • The electrical ladle pre heater would have a clean surrounding as there are no flue gases or oil leakages etc. around it.
  • Smooth vertically upward and downward motion is obtained due to the use of guide rails with the motion control system.


“The first in India of its kind - the Electric Ladle Pre-Heater manufactured by AFECO, has received global recognition from the VOLVO Group as an Energy Efficient alternative for Gas Fired Ladle Pre-Heater”